Snow Affects Letter Carriers Food Drive

EUGENE, Ore. — The snow forced the cancellation of many events last weekend, and an event that did still happen was hit hard by the storm.

Donations for the Letter Carriers Food For Lane County Food Drive were way down. Organizers say they’re going to need a lot of donations this Saturday to make up for the lost ground.

“The weather really did take our feet out from under us this week,” said Alicia Hines, FFLC Food Drive Coordinator.

On the first collection day for this month’s food drive, letter carriers only brought in about 27,000 pounds of food. That’s about half the donations brought in on the first day of the drive last year, and it’s well short of their goal of 185,000 pounds of food for the two weekends combined.

“We have still have a long way to go this week,” Hines said.

Organizers call the goal lofty but possible, and it’s that high because of the high need. This is their biggest food drive of the year, and they really rely on these donations.

“Every year, our food supply goes down in the summer and comes back up during the holidays. So, we depend on this time of year for it to start ramping up, but what we’ve seen is that our inventory isn’t going up. It’s going out still just as fast as it’s coming in,” Hines said.

The need is big this year for many reasons.

“On November 1st, SNAP, food stamps, got a big cut so that’s affecting a lot of families,” Hines said.

And the snow has only made things tougher for those trying to get by on limited incomes.

“Paying for extra daycare, heating costs, unexpected bills, and just coping,” Hines said.

Food For Lane County is asking everyone to donate what they can, saying even one can of food makes a difference. It’s asking people to place non-perishable food items by their mailboxes Saturday and to help spread the word.

“Tell all of your friends! We need people. We need everybody that’s able to give to give,” Hines said.

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  1. diane says:

    thank you. I was wondering if they were going to do a drive again , this Saturday.

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