Snow Continues to Pound Mountain Passes

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WILLAMETTE PASS, Ore. — The Cascades continued to see about a foot of snow Tuesday. Winds weren’t as high, but conditions were still challenging for drivers.

It’s a lot whiter out there and the ground is slicker, after the pass saw another foot of snow overnight Monday night.

There were significantly less passenger cars on the passes Tuesday. Ice added to the snow-covered roads.

ODOT plows were out in full force again, clearing roadways as best they could, creating a berm close to four feet high–almost doubling what it was Monday.

The drivers who did attempt the passes did so carefully and OSP troopers helped people abide by chain laws in effect.

“The main thing is when we have these snow conditions on the highway is speed. Make sure you drive according to the conditions. Speed is what will cause crashes,” said Marshall Maher, OSP Senior Trooper.

Road conditions fluctuated throughout the day, but one thing that didn’t vary was the heavy snow that continued to fall.

There is a little less wind Tuesday, but the conditions are getting worse as the snow continues to fall. Willamette Pass Ski Area is planning on opening Wednesday, so if you’re heading up to the mountain, please carry chains or traction tires.

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