Snow Topples Trees, Causes Crashes around Corvallis

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Snow didn’t just fall all over Lane County. Benton County up north got its fair share too.

Corvallis Public Works and Parks and Rec crews were busy all day Wednesday cleaning up fallen trees caused by the storms.

“Heavy snows, tree came down, as far as we know we’ve got two houses without power,” said Dale Pillow with Corvallis Public Works Department.

No power, because the limb didn’t just fall on the road, but it split a power pole in half.

Another tree fell onto a South Corvallis home, damaging the fence, other trees, and the gutter.

“I heard a huge crashing, I thought maybe something fell down in my roommates room but, I looked out the window and there was a tree,” said Jill Schrlau.

Crews were cleaning up yet another fallen tree on Witham Hill.  That one, and around 23 others, kept city crews busy all day long.

“It can be tiring, we have physical tests that we have to go through to be employed here and they put us to the test on days like these,” said Kevin Zuidema with Corvallis Public Works Department.

The wintry weather also created hazards on the roads.

Slush on Highway 34 forced a car into oncoming traffic, where it hit another car head-on.

“If you’re going anywhere, mid to upper 40’s or faster, if you get sucked into the slush you are going to lose control, it’s going to pull you one way or the other,” said Trooper Phil VanLeuven with Oregon State Police.

On Highway 99, a semi-truck driver lost control, clipping another semi, sending them both into ditches.

The city says they’ll have crews on call, ready to respond, all night long.

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