So Delicious Dairy Free Holds Job Fair

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A job fair brought hope to hundreds of people looking for work.

So Delicious Dairy Free held a job fair Monday in response to layoffs last week at the Monaco plant in Harrisburg.

Norman Harper says the job fair made a huge difference for him and his family.

Harper worked the last ten years at Monaco before he and 128 others were surprised with layoff notices last week. Harper says he was the sole income provider for his family. When he heard So Delicious Dairy Free was hiring, he jumped on the opportunity.

The four-hour job fair gave people a chance to learn more about the organization and apply for between 20 and 30 jobs.

Harper says the fair gives him some hope.

“There’s always hope. You’ve got to keep your nose to the grindstone and keeping working at it. Eventually, you’ll find something,” said Harper.

So Delicious leaders say by 11 a.m. they already had more than 100 people apply and some were there an hour before it started. They say job openings range from production to hand packers, drivers, quality control, graphic design and product data analysts.

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