Soak Up the Sun While You Still Can

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The first storm series of fall 2012 is forming as we speak. We haven’t seen measurable rain in 15 days and haven’t seen more than a quarter of an inch or rain in 105 days! Generally we would have seen almost a half of an inch of rain at this point in October, but we’ll likely make up for lost time this weekend.

The ridge of high pressure that has been blocking the Pacific Northwest from any major storm activity will move east very slowly this week.  Brief morning clouds will be the most we’ll see, even with on-shore flow, through Thursday. Temperatures will be a bit cooler though, staying in the low 70s.

A series of fronts will start to roll in Friday. The coast will be the first to see any rain, followed by the valley Friday afternoon.  Showers will continue for most of Saturday. Sunday morning is shaping up to be dry (for now) but Sunday afternoon and all day Monday are looking pretty soggy as two moisture packed fronts move through.

Have a great Monday and enjoy this dry weather while you still can, you’re on borrowed time!
-Meteorologist Melissa Frey

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