Soccer League Holds Final Game

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The local Hispanic community celebrated heritage month outdoors during the final day of a six-month soccer league tournament in Springfield on Sunday.

In just two years, organizers have managed to double the league’s size and Sunday after months of games, the top two teams battled it out for a chance to call themselves this year’s league champions.

Last year, only 6 teams competed. This year, 14 groups signed up in hopes of making it to Sunday’s final tournament. Hundreds of supporters came out to watch the last game of the season, which organizers said is further testament to how much the event has grown.

And while the event started as a way for the Latino community to connect, participants said the tournament goes beyond that.

“And not just for the Latino community, I think all communities feel the need or desire to be a part of where we live and feel a part of what is going on and participate in what’s going on,” said University of Oregon Outreach Coordinator Antonio Huerta.

Springfield Mayor Christine Lundberg also showed up to support.

Organizers wanted to tie the event into Hispanic Heritage Month, which started on the 15th. Following the game, everyone was welcomed to stay for a casual reception.

If you’re interested in playing next year, click here to find out how to register.

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