Soggy Saturday

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Justin’s Weekend Forecast Discussion

Friday stayed fairly cloudy but mild as winds will stay southerly most of the weekend. As you might expect, that also means lots of moisture coming off the ocean brings the threat of rain back starting overnight tonight along the coast. Inland areas should stay dry with lows staying mild in the mid 40s.

Showers will be on the increase for both Saturday and Sunday as more moisture is streamed into the region. Duck fans should be prepared for some heavier rain showers with intermittent drizzle at times through gametime. The good news is highs will be warmer, generally back up in the low 60s over the weekend with an injection of warmer air aloft.

There’s more wet weather coming up for most of next week but also a slight chance that we may see a break on Tuesday and/or Wednesday IF and this is a big if the east coast storm that develops from Hurricane Sandy builds a ridge over the Western US that would hold our storms offshore for a day or so. We’ll see …

Have a great weekend!

Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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