Soldiers Say Goodbye to Loved Ones

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EUGENE, Ore. — Emotions were high at the deployment ceremony for the 971st Transportation Detachment Saturday.

“Soldiers do your job knowing that we care,” said Norm Hoffman, retired Brigadier General.

The army unit of 20 soldiers not only had the support of their family and friends, but the Patriot Guard Riders, a national group of motorcyclists and military supporters, attended the ceremony too.

“If there’s any way we can do it to support your family members at home we’re going to do it,” said William Vaughn, Patriot Guard Rider.

For families they’re not just worried about their soldiers being safe, but keeping that family bond strong while thousands of miles away.

“I have kids and I want and you know we want to raise them well. And I them to remember him and know him and have him be a part of them,” said Sarah Vaugh, a wife of a soldier being deployed.

Sarah Vaughan says it’s hard for her young children to understand where their dad will be for the next year.

“She kept saying when does daddy get to come out of the computer?” Vaugh said.

For Specialist Rachel Minor, she’s familiar with the distance with her husband currently overseas and she’s already looking forward to completing this assignment .

“My husband is stationed in Japan right now so we haven’t even been together for a while. So when I get home he’ll be getting home from over there,” said Minor.

Soldiers say while they’ll miss their family and friends, they’re ready for their mission.

“Trust is what glues us together as a team and so our lines of communication are open more so than in a lot of other places,” said Matthew Mitchell, Captain.

“We have a very cohesive unit. We’re a tight group and I whole-heartedly trust every one of these guys with my life. We’ll come back, we’ll come back safe. We’ll be fine,” said Joseph Vaughn, Sergeant.


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