Officer Locates Juvenile, Toy Guns

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — [UPDATE: 1:00 PM] A school resource officer located the juvenile. Police say the weapons appear to be a toy air soft type gun and a BB gun. The officer spoke with the juvenile about the situation. He determined no crime was committed.

[UPDATE: 9:51 AM] The lockdown has been lifted after police have deemed a suspect identified as suspicious as “non-threatening”. KEZI 9 News’ Lauren Mickler is on the scene and we will have more as the story develops.

Springfield schools have been notified of a situation involving Springfield Police near 7th and Centennial, causing them to lock down several schools.

SPD says they got a complaint from a citizen who thought they saw a juvenile walking with what was believed to be a couple of rifles, one with an orange tip, which typically means the gun is not live fire.

The following schools are on lock down until further notice: Springfield High School, Hamlin Middle School, Gateway High School, A3, Brattain Early Learning Center, Brattain House, Two Rivers-Dos Rios Elementary and the administration building. Centennial was put on alert.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for correcting the mistake that was made regarding orange tips on rifles that do not fire live ammunition. It is much appreciated.

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