Sonrise Church Holds Open House

EUGENE, Ore. — Sonrise Church opened its historic doors to visitors Saturday, hopefully to those with some sort of construction or preservation background.┬áThe more than 100-year-old church is at risk of demolition.

The congregation knows the structure needs help and is willing to donate it to someone who might be able to relocate and preserve the church, in the interest of history.

The Eugene Historic Preservation Board is assisting the church with finding a candidate.

“The congregation has expressed that they’re not really able to maintain it, and to care for it, and that its not really being fully utilized, and one possibility if they’re not able to find someone to take over the church is that it might be burned down,” said Andrew Fisher, Eugene Historic Preservation Board.

The board says it’s trying to avoid that result at all costs considering there aren’t many 120-year-old structures in the community.

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