SOU Announces Proposed Program Cuts

Southern Oregon UniversityASHLAND, Ore. — Southern Oregon University has announced what programs could be cut to make up for a multi-million dollar budget shortfall.

The announcement is the next step in the long retrenchment process for the university. That budget gap could be anywhere from $3 million to $7 million, depending on enrollment numbers and state funding.

As a result, SOU released several plans about what to cut to make up the difference, but whether it’s the best case or worst case scenario, it will mean programs and faculty will be cut.

On the chopping block are several majors, including physics and international studies. Several minors, concentrations, and certificates would be cut under each scenario, along with a handful of faculty.

Last year, SOU created a prioritization report, which ranked each of their programs based on enrollment and graduation. SOU President Mary Cullinan says most of the cuts in the retrenchment were aimed at programs that had low or declining enrollment, but this is just a draft, and the public still has a chance to voice their opinions before the list is finalized.

“This is an opportunity for the campus to respond, for the community to respond, and there is every likelihood that the plan will change as we go forward,” said SOU President Mary Cullinan.

SOU has now opened another public comment period to get more opinions on its proposed cuts. To view the complete Provisional Retrenchment plan, click here.

For more information and link to the comments on retrenchment, click here.

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