Spay Day Springfield

Cat PictureEUGENE, Ore. — The Willamette Animal Guild in Eugene is offering a big discount to cat owners in Springfield.

For the month of February, all spay and neuters are only $10 and ferals are free. The clinic says the big discount is part of an effort to keep the cat population under control.

Spaying and neutering cats are normally $40-$50 at the Willamette Animal Guild but a grant from PetSmart is helping them bring the cost down for this service.

Clinic workers say we’re heading into spring, the time when the cat population starts to expand. So, this will hopefully keep that number from getting too big.

“For every pregnant cat that comes in, she can have a litter of two to eight and in five months, they’ll be having two to eight. If you just start multiplying that, it gets to be a tremendous number before you know it,” said Anita Carmichael with the Willamette Animal Guild.

Again, this event is for Springfield residents only and you have to be able to prove that. If you’re bringing in your own cat you have to make an appointment but you don’t need an appointment if you’re fixing a feral cat. The clinic does have guidelines so they suggest calling ahead at (541) 345-3566.

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