Special Election Day: Money Measures

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Tuesday is Special Election Day in counties across Oregon. In Lane County, three money measures are on the ballot. Two of them would raise taxes and the other would renew a tax.

One of the three measures is a $62.5 million school bond for the Springfield School Distruct. It’s the largest of the three measures on the ballot and much of the money will go toward replacing Hamlin Middle School if voters approve it.

If you are the owner of a $150,000 home, you currently pay about $153 per year for school bonding. If this measure were to pass, your taxes would go up by $62 per year. But should voters reject the measure, taxes would stay flat then drop by $32 a year in 2016 because an old bond measure would be paid off. Voters expressed mixed reactions.

“I don’t care for Hamlin Middle School because I don’t like the way that they teach, so I don’t support it,” said Springfield resident Amanda Anderson.

“I’m in support of it, I think it’s good to replace things when necessary. I think it’s good to have refreshing things in the community as far as schooling,” said Scott Gummert.

There are two other measures on the ballot. The Junction City School District is asking voters to pass a $32.4 million school bond measure. That would raise taxes by about $340 dollars each year for the owner of a $150,000 home.

The River Road Park and Recreation District is asking voters to renew a five-year local option property tax levy. If voters pass it, homeowners would continue to pay 47 cents per $1,000 of assessed value. The owner of a $150,000 home would pay about $70 per year and that would gradually increase to about $80 in the fifth year.

None of the three measures has any organized opposition. The last time the Springfield School District asked voters to pass a school bond was in 2006, when 67% of voters turned out for it and approved it.

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