Special Reunion at Holt International

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EUGENE, Ore. — She’s been called the mother of all of Korea’s orphans. On Monday she stopped in Eugene.

For some it’s been years since they saw Molly Holt, the woman who’s continued her parents legacy of helping orphaned and abandoned children in Korea.

For Holt adoptee Melinda Dionne this reunion with Holt and her pediatrician doctor Cho is somewhat of a miracle.

“Molly you know in the last year is battling cancer. And so when I heard that news I didn’t think I didn’t think I was going to be able to see her again. So I’d come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to see these two incredible women that have impacted my life so much,” said Dionne.

Holt is the daughter of Holt International founders Dr. Cho is a pediatrician with the organization.

It helps place abandoned or orphaned Korean children all over the world.

Because of Dr. Cho’s age and Holt’s recent illness they weren’t sure if they would make it back to the states.

But the two strong women walked through the adoption agency’s doors Monday afternoon to see the number of families in Eugene they’ve impacted.

“It’s been wonderful to see so many babies’ lives saved. And see them develop so well in their loving homes,” said Holt.

“I was anxious to meet her again. I couldn’t imagine I could see her in Oregon,” said Dr. Cho.

Dr. Cho handled Dionne’s intake.

She was abandoned when she just one month old, then adopted at eight months, moved to Washington state and now lives in California.

Dionne is one of thousands Dr. Cho has worked with and on Monday families and their little ones got a chance to reunite with both women.

A moment for adoptees and their parents.

And one Dionne won’t soon forget.

“I was like there is nothing that is going to stop me from getting to Eugene so I can see these two women again,” said Dionne.

It’s really come full circle for Dionne.

She went from being an adoptee to helping kids in the program.

In 2010 she spent four months working alongside Holt helping special needs kids.

Normally Holt visits Eugene every summer, but because she was sick it’s been two years since she’s been back.

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