Spot Fires South of Springfield Mill

7-18 KSP DEBRIS SHOTSPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Fire crews have been putting out small spot fires overnight and into Friday, likely sparked by debris that drifted from the mill fire.

Fire crews have responded to fires in a sixty acre radius.

One homeowner, several miles south in Creswell, says debris fell into her yard.

The Springfield mill fire will continue to smolder for another day or two. The same is true for any embers that may have drifted in that massive plume of smoke.

“We have crews that are actually putting out small spot fires. We have some snags we’re taking down, some trees we’re taking down. There’s some big trees that have been laying down for years that were on fire, and they’re digging those apart and just watching for other fires to make sure they don’t take off,” said Lance Lightly, Battalion Fire Chief.

They’re most concerned about a butte, and fields south of the mill near the Willamette River.

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