Spot the International Space Station

EUGENE, Ore. — The International Space Station (ISS) will be visible from western Oregon over the next week and a half.

The ISS is orbiting the Earth and will be easily visible with the naked eye. It is the third brightest object in the sky, only behind the moon and the sun. It looks like a fast-moving plane, although much higher.

Tuesday’s viewing times from Eugene are at 9:08 – 9:11p.m. and again at 10:45-10:48 p.m. At 9:08 it will rise at 41° in the SSW sky and set in the ENE. For the full schedule click here. 

The ISS has been occupied by humans for 12 years. It first launched in the year 2000.NASA says the ISS is both an orbiting laboratory and a space port for a variety of international spacecraft. There have been: 89 Russian launches, 37 Space Shuttle launches,1 test flight and 2 operational flights by SpaceX’s Dragon, 3 Japanese HTVs, 3 European ATVs.

The space station, including its large solar arrays, spans the area of a U.S. football field and weighs 924,739 pounds. The complex now two bathrooms, a gymnasium and a 360-degree bay window.


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