UO Spring Football Game Seats Limited

EUGENE, Ore. — The Ducks Spring Game is notorious for being as popular as any regular season game, and Saturday will be no exception. The only difference is because of construction on the north side of the stadium, a section of seats will be closed Saturday.

The spring game is fans’ only chance to see the team in the off-season, which means it brings a big crowd. But all those fans will have less space to sit and watch their Ducks Saturday, thanks to construction on the north berm.

“It’s more about the accessibility. If something was to happen in the stadium, and people had to exit the stadium quickly, that construction makes it so that we are limited in ways people can enter and exit the stadium,” said Andy McNamara, Oregon Athletic Department spokesman.

That’s why attendance will max out 37,000, offering almost 20,000 less seats than usual.

Around 40,000 people made the packed-in pre-season last year, which means there may not be room for everyone. On top of that, capacity is harder to measure at a game with no tickets.

“It’s a little bit different than a normal game where we’re not scanning tickets, and we don’t have a turn style. So it’s not the same sort of measuring. We don’t have the same abilities, so that will be a little bit of a challenge,” McNamara said.

It will be tricky for staff and definitely for fans.

The athletic department is hoping to keep everyone happy Saturday, but if too many Duck fans show up, they may have to wait until fall to see their 2013 Ducks take the field.

The athletic department is optimistic they won’t have to turn anyone away. But to be safe, they suggest you show up early, by around 10 a.m., to make sure you get a seat inside.

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