Springfield Approves Fee Hike

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — People in Springfield should expect to pay more for certain city services.

The city council approved a fee increase for a wide variety of things like building permits, library services and pet registration.

The main function of the fees is to keep up the city’s current staff levels at full capacity. The city says inspector services are supposed to be self sustaining.

Because of the economic downturn, Springfield Finance Director Bob Duey says they’ve been going through a lot of their reserves.

“We’ve kind of gone through all the reserves for that particular service at this point in time,” Duey said. “So what this fee increase would do is just allow us to maintain the staff and not let any staff go, so we can at least maintain the minimum level of service developers are going to want to see.”

The city worked with the local home builders association to ensure the building fees would be agreeable going forward into the hopefully ‘more robust economy.’

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