Springfield Businesses Come, Crime Goes

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — New businesses are popping up all over downtown Springfield, but it’s also the businesses that are leaving that are contributing to the successful revitalization of downtown and a huge decrease in crime.

About three years ago, police say the 300 and 400 blocks of Main Street were the most dangerous blocks in town, but over the last three years, arrests in that area have dropped 87 percent. Those blocks are exactly where many new businesses are planting.

Both Haven and Plank Town Brewery and Restaurant just opened their doors with confidence that that part of Springfield is on a speedy upward trend.

D’Maria’s Salon, however, opened when crime on this block was at its worst, but she stuck it through and she says she’s glad she did.

“A lot of my clients asked me, ‘Are you sure you want to move downtown?’ and I said, ‘Ya! Don’t be scared,’ and I think now all the suffering, let’s say, is paying off,” said Maria Parada, D’Maria Salon Owner.

Police and businesses owners say it’s not just the new additions, it’s also the businesses that left that assisted in the turnaround of crime. A number of bars and clubs have closed, taking some troubling clientele with them.

The jail being just two blocks away obviously helps the decrease in crime and the positive development, but it’s really the partnership between the two that are making the transformation truly successful.

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