Springfield City Hall May Get Makeover

Springfield, ORE. — Changes may be coming to the Springfield City Hall entry plaza.

Councilors held a work session Monday, where they talked about changes to the plaza. They say the area near the fountain hasn’t had any upgrades since the 1980s.

They’d like to see it become more of a usable space for families and become the main entrance for city hall.

“We’ll have some information there that talks about the history of Springfield,” said Niel Laudati, Springfield Spokesperson. “It talks about the history of City Hall. We’ll have pictures of the more famous Springfielers. It will not only be a gathering place, but a place where they can get some information.”

The city says money for the project would come from grants and urban renewal funding, however the council hasn’t officially signed off on the project yet.

Laudati says the project could be completed by next year.

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