Springfield Discusses Downtown Changes

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The city of Springfield is proposing some changes to hopefully spark even more downtown development.

Several new businesses have opened up in downtown Springfield over the last few years. And the city wants that trend to continue, which is why it wants to make sure all storefronts are safe and inviting to visitors.

The city says it doesn’t have an exact plan yet but says it wants to beautify the area. So it’s working with NEDCO and a design committee to figure out what areas need the most work.

The assistant city manager says Springfield is looking at ways to improve foot traffic through the safety of downtown sidewalks and the appearance of outside storefronts.

“You know if a sidewalk is obscured or if there are weeds growing up on the sidewalk where you can’t see if you’re driving in and out or if a pedestrian’s obscured from vehicles we want to just make sure that it’s a safe and inviting place for customers and employees,” said Jeff Towery, Springfield Assistant City Manager.

Stores can apply for grants through NEDCO to pay for improvements to the outsides of their stores.

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