Springfield Expands Overnight Parking

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The city of Springfield has expanded its overnight parking program.

The expansion will allow for up to three vehicles, including conestoga huts, at all approved sites. During the meeting, councilors cited the need for more homeless services.

“I think there was a need to have more places for people to have a place to lay their heads,” said Springfield Mayor Christine Lundberg.

There are currently three approved sites that will be impacted. Linda Foster lives in a hut behind the Springfield First Baptist Church. She’s excited about the expansion, especially when she considers the impact the program has had in her life. She’s only lived in the hut for two weeks.

“When I found out I had this, it opened up doorways for me,” Foster said. “I can start to look for other housing and it enabled me to get used to living in a home again.”

City leaders are meeting with church leaders later this week. They’re hoping to find more churches and other areas that can serve as host sites.

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