Springfield Farmer’s Market Moves

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — For five seasons, the Springfield Farmer’s Market has been held right outside Springfield City Hall.

While Friday will be its last day there, customers won’t have to say goodbye for long.

Starting next week, it becomes the Marketplace at Sprout and all the vendors will be moving just a block down the street to the old First Christian Church building on 4th and A streets.

The chapel will be filled with about 20 vendors during the fall and winter seasons. Come springtime, they’ll be able to take full advantage of all the outdoor space, which will add about another 30 booths.

Coordinators say the new space will really help them dispel the myth of a lack of fresh and local products during the cold months.

“It’s really hard to learn about something if we don’t have exposure to it. So creating Marketplace at Sprout and really the whole Sprout facility just creates a year-round place for people to go and learn about what foods are available seasonally,” said Laurie Trieger, NEDCO LocalWorks Manager.

Organizers say the market is just one piece of their efforts to create a comprehensive, regional food hub.

The market will go on as usual Friday and will last until about 7 p.m.

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  1. m. bibb says:

    When I read this about selling in the church the first thing that came mind was when Jesus got up set when he found vendors in the house of the lord .

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