Springfield Finalist in Mayors Challenge

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The city of Springfield is a finalist in a Bloomberg Philanthropy Project.

The challenge to cities was to come up with an innovative idea to solve challenges and improve city life. Springfield is now one of 20 finalists across the country competing for a grand prize of $5 million.

Starting Wednesday, Feb. 20, people can vote online for the video that highlights Springfield’s plan for mobile health care. The pitch is to launch a mobile health care system. So nurses could come to your home at times when doctors’ offices are closed. And then doctors can make a diagnosis over video conferencing. Not only does the city say this is a great way to help save money, but it’s a great way to promote the city.

“That’s a great way for the community to be recognized because people are going to be going on from all over the country and look at the videos and be able to take a look at this smaller community in Oregon,” Christine Lundberg, Springfield Mayor.

Springfield is the smallest city in the final group of 20, but city leaders say they think they can still win the competition.

To vote for Springfield’s pitch, click here. Voting continues until March 6.

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