Springfield Graduation Rate Up 2%

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — High schools around Springfield saw a 2-percent increase in graduation rates. They’re up to 64.35 percent.

When looking at the demographics of gender and economic background, the numbers generally reflect what we see statewide, with girls and middle-income students doing better.

Administrators say the numbers didn’t surprise them.

“That was reaffirming in that we believe that the leading indicators that we’re paying attention to are telling us what we think they are, which is why we’re excited to actually see next year’s numbers, because the work we’ve been doing across our system we believe is going to pay off in a profound way,” said Matt Coleman, Assistant Superintendent.

Administrators met Thursday to work to continue that trend. The district expects to jump 6 percent next year.

Bethel schools also saw its graduation rate increase. It went up by 6 percent, but it still sits slightly lower than the state average.

That trend remains the same across the board, when looking at both gender and socio-economic status.

Bethel School District leaders say they’re happy about that increase but were hoping for more overall improvement.

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