Springfield Green Lights Food Carts

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — More and more food carts may soon be rolling through the city of Springfield.

Councilors approved two amendments Monday night, that helped pave the way for the mobile eateries. The council gave its approval because it’s hoping food carts will help the city become more vibrant.

Several people voiced their concerns at Monday night’s council meeting. They asked about fees for cart owners. They also expressed concerns about people using the carts then using the restrooms at nearby businesses.

While the council gave its approval for carts the system to govern them is still be designed.

It’s all apart of the city’s goal of attracting more foot traffic.

“Food carts can’t stand alone, said Springfield Community Development Specialist Kevin Ko. “They’re just one part of building a successful downtown. They won’t make downtown. They won’t break downtown.”

The first carts could roll out in early fall.

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