Springfield Honors Retired K9

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — After a more than 6-year career, Springfield says goodbye to one of its finest.

Councilors honored Bronko at Monday’s council meeting, a now retired K9 Officer.

The German Shepherd becomes a normal dog. He can now sleep inside, play with toys and go to the park.

His handler, Officer Brian Keetle, says he’s a social dog and was a great officer.

“We did a lot [of] school demos and things like that,” ┬áKeetle said. “He’s a really social happy dog. When it came time to do business, you could absolutely depend on him no question.”

Keetle has worked with his new partner Troll for the last seven weeks. He says Bronko taught him everything he needs to know about being successful with his new K9 partner.

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  1. jeanne says:

    I am aways suprised when i see most k9’s because most of them are german shepard dogs. They are truly one most loving and happy dogs ever. I will be sorry to see him leave the service but am glad he can just be a happy little guy now. Thank for your time …..jeanne

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