Springfield Initiates Early Release

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Some school districts have already cancelled classes for Friday, including Corvallis, Sweet Home and Oregon State University.

And while many took the day off Thursday, it was a regular day for others.

Eugene 4J was one of the districts that didn’t shut down Thursday, despite getting several inches of snow. It will stick to its routine of assessing the weather and roads in the morning before making a decision.

In Springfield district leaders say they didn’t think the snow was going to pick up until after the school day ended, but it consistently fell starting at sunrise. So they initiated an early release day so parents could pick up their kids before the evening commute. Most of the parents we spoke with were understanding of the situation.

The 4J and Bethel school districts kept their normal hours but cancelled afternoon and evening activities. A lot of schools in rural Lane County were closed where there was even more snowfall.

So far, students and staff in Eugene and Springfield will have school Friday.

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