Springfield Lights It Up Blue

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Tuesday is World Autism Awareness Day and one school district in the state promoted the national education campaign.

When nighttime falls in Springfield, there’ll be some changes at the district’s schools; many of the lights will be shining blue for Light It Up Blue.

Five schools in the district will shine the blue light to support for the Light It Up Blue, a national program that started in 2010 to raise awareness about autism. By the end the month, all 21 of the district’s schools will be blue.

Laura Scruggs, a mother, a middle school teacher and the leader who’s spear-heading the district’s autism awareness campaign. The group obtained a $3,000 grant from the Springfield Education Foundation to fund the campaign, purchasing light and gels. Scruggs, whose son is autistic, says education is needed in schools and our community.

“Lighting up our houses, lighting up our schools and lighting up the world and that allows us to go towards education. People are going to ask, why did you put that blue bulb up there and you will have opportunity to share, this is what autism is,” Scruggs said.

Autism Speaks bracelet are also being sold at the district’s office. Funds will go toward bringing back programs to support teachers with autistic children in the classroom.

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