Springfield Lockdown a False Alarm

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A scare at Springfield schools Tuesday morning forced administrators to lock down several schools and administration buildings.

Police first responded to 7th Street and Centennial Blvd., near Springfield High School, where callers claimed to have seen an armed juvenile. The school district immediately locked down Springfield High School, Hamlin Middle School, Gateway High School, A3, Brattain Early Learning Center, Brattain House, Two Rivers-Dos Rios Elementary and the administration building. Centennial was put on alert.

After an immediate search, police located the suspect. The suspect, who was a local student, was carrying a BB gun and an airsoft gun. He told police he was bringing the guns he had to class for a project. After speaking with him, police determined there wasn’t a threat.

“It’s better to do it that way and find out later. Like in this case that there was no crime committed and that it was not a danger at any time to the schools or surrounding communities,” said Sgt. John Umenhoffer, Springfield Police.

Police said the student did not commit a crime and was not cited. They did remind him to be more careful when carrying around guns or things that can appear alarming to passers-by.

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