Springfield Looks Ahead to 2014

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Mayor Christine Lundberg said things are looking up for the city of Springfield as businesses boom all around town. During her 2014 Springfield State of the City¬†Address, she spoke about embracing the city’s diversity and adapting to the changes its currently going through.

2013 was a year of change and revitalization for the city of Springfield. From downtown to Glenwood, new businesses changed the landscape of the city. Lundberg said she’s excited about these changes. “We made strides in defining a new attitude about who we are, how we will approach the future and how that will impact the state of Springfield,” said Lundberg.

“The mayor really projects what’s going on in Springfield and that’s a lot of optimism, that’s a lot of moving forward and a certain sense of self confidence about who we are and where we’re going,” said Gino Grimaldi, Springfield city manager.

Lundberg said the city’s been working hard to combat stereotypes about high crime rates and overall safety, stereotypes she said are completely untrue. “In 2014 I hope that Springfield continues moving forward and making positive changes. We have always been able to change and adapt to any new challenges that get in our way,” said Lundberg.

Not only is Springfield experiencing a change in landscape, but also a change in leadership with the addition of both Dr. Hertica Martin as superintendent and Tim Doney as police chief. “It’s just a very, very bright future with a lot of great ideas. Involvement in the community, individuals, organizations, the city organizations itself,” said Doney.

City leaders said they’re anticipating a bright future, as long as community members stick together. “Not only downtown, but then you look at Glenwood. What’s happening in Glenwood and then you go to the other direction and look at Main Street and what can happen on Main Street and there’s just a lot of potential there and things are really moving forward,” said Grimaldi.

“We are Springfield. Strong and proud and diverse and united,” said Lundberg.

Click here to watch her speech.

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