Springfield Man Dies in Crash

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield man died in a crash late Monday night on Thurston Road, and now investigators and his family are looking for answers to what happened.

Friends of 28-year-old Ronald Sanders say he was an all around good guy and are sad to see his life cut too short. They’ve already set up a memorial at the crash site.

Just before midnight, Springfield Police got a call about a truck that drove off the road near the 7600 block of Main Street in Springfield. They say Sanders’ truck went off the embankment and into the wooded area where it slammed into a group of trees. They’re looking for any clues that might lead to what caused the crash.

“Construction workers that were doing some sort of a repaving project out in the area that happened to be going and noticed the vehicle down in the trees and kind of saw that it was occupied,” said Sgt. Richard Lewis, Springfield Police Department.

Sgt. Jones says they don’t exactly know when the crash happened but are looking at a window of about 9:45 p.m. to the time of the call just before midnight. They’re not sure if alcohol was a factor in the crash. They’re still waiting on test results.

Police don’t have any information from potential witnesses. They’re asking anyone who might have witnessed the crash to contact them.

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