Springfield Man Faces DUII Charges

1-22 MLK CrashEUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police say a drunk driver is responsible for a crash that sent an elderly woman to the hospital Wednesday night.

Police say 59-year-old Steven Womack was travelling eastbound in an SUV and rear-ended an elderly woman.

The crash that shut down the area near Autzen Stadium for hours. Police say when Womack saw the woman hurt, he fled. Firefighters later found him in a waterway near Alton Baker Park threatening to drown himself.

Barbara Gaines, 77, of Springfield, was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. Her passenger and the suspect also went to the hospital with minor injuries. Gaines’ condition has been upgraded to fair and at some point Thursday she will be able to leave the ICU.

“The suspect was taken to the hospital due to the potential injuries he received in the crash as well as his potential hypothermia for being in the water. He was treated and released upon our arrest,” Lt. Carolyn Mason, Eugene Police Department.

Womack faces hit and run, assault and DUII charges.

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