Springfield Man Released from Jail

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield man spent less than 24 hours behind bars for allegedly videotaping a young girl who lived next door. The girl’s mother said her next door neighbor walked over to her home Thursday and told her he had been videotaping her daughter through a bedroom window.

Springfield police arrested 63-year-old Dana Bishop on 30 counts of invasion of personal privacy. Since his release, the alleged victim’s family says they feel unsafe.

“He’s free. We don’t even know where he’s at or anything, and he’s admittedly obsessed with my daughter and thinks he’s had a relationship with her when he has not,” said the alleged victim’s mother, who wished to keep her identity private to protect her daughter’s privacy.

She said Bishop followed her children home from school three days the week before his arrest. On Saturday the family did not have a restraining order against Bishop because they did not make it into court early enough to get the restraining order filed.

Until the family has some protection from Bishop, they are not staying at their home.


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  1. Marv Caldwell says:

    That is just sooo wrong on so many levels.

  2. jusme says:

    Restraining orders don’t stop nut jobs! Plan on moving & warn the new tenants!

  3. sarah says:

    This man should be considered a dangerous predator. Video taping a young girl for over a year should be a felony! What an outrage! This sicko belongs behind bars- how could anyone say he is not dangerous to children? Our justice system is absolutely pathetic!!

  4. Joe B. says:

    This story is misleading, full of incorrect facts and complete bunk.

    First, The camera was just a small security camera on the blind side of Dana Bishops house. Attached to his house. If he herd a noise he could check the camera monitor to see if an intruder might be on his property. The camera has been their for years.

    The neighbors new the camera was there and have known for years the camera was there.

    Second, The neighbors had no curtains on their windows at that time.

    Third, Dana (trying to be a good neighbor) went to the neighbor and ask her to put curtains on the windows because his security camera could see into their house.

    Mother freaks out, and Is completely delusional

    What does she expect.

    End of story

    1. Richard says:

      I see “Joe” doesn’t address the letters that sicko wrote about the little girl. End of story.

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