Springfield Man Speaks Out After Crash

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Springfield man who caused a deadly crash in Brownsville this week has told KEZI 9 News what happened.

Stephen Dyal is recovering in a local hospital. He was behind the wheel when his truck crossed the center line, hitting 62-year-old Bonnie Badgley’s SUV.

“You know I carry a pretty big burden right now, and I hope down the road that they can find it in their heart to forgive,” Dyal said.

Dyal is recovering from the crash at Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend. He wanted to speak with us in person, but PeaceHealth denied our interview request, citing a staffing issue.

Dyal was driving a Dodge pickup on Highway 228 when troopers say he crossed the centerline and struck Badgley’s SUV. Dyal says he was reaching for coffee when the accident happened.

“I went down to reach and grab it and pull it back on the console there in the center of the truck, and when I looked up I had already crossed the line and she was right there,” Dyal said.

Badgley died at the scene.

“It was an accident,” Dyal said.

She owned the Midway Grocery Store and was a longtime member of the Sweet Home community.

“Bonnie had a real passion for taking care of others whether she was rescuing a hurt animal, which she did several times. She loved tending to her flowers making breakfast for the local logging crew–her grocery deli in Sweet Home,” said Bonnie’s husband Stan.

“I am very sorry for their loss. I would trade her place in a minute. I wish it wasn’t her I wish. I wish it didn’t have to be the way it turned out,” Dyal said.

OSP says the crash is under investigation. Troopers are trying to decide whether it was in fact caused by distracted driving or something else.

“(One,) I wasn’t driving erratically. Two, I wasn’t passing nobody,” Dyal said.

Dyal says he hopes one day he can say those words in person Badgely’s family.

“They need time to heal. They need to go through the anger and the hurt, and when they are ever ready to talk with me, I would be glad to talk with them,” Dyal said.

The family isn’t commenting on Dyal’s statements at this time, just remembering the loved one they lost.

“She just loved people. She was a real people person and a great go-getter. You just couldn’t slow her down, and she loved to take care of people,'” Stan Badgley said.

OSP says it could take weeks to determine the exact cause.

Dyal went into surgery Friday afternoon to treat injuries he suffered in the crash.

Badgley will be laid to rest next Friday.


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  1. Jamie says:

    Dyal says, “…I carry a pretty big burden right now, and I hope down the road that they can find it in their heart to forgive.”
    Interesting statement, Maybe before he goes to court, his attorney can get him to stop focusing on feeling bad for himself. He killed a human being who did not need to die as she did. Bonnie Badgley should have had years more of life. She had a family and friends who are in pain because of her terrible death.

  2. StarFruitBongWater says:

    A women died because Dyal decided his coffee was more important that responsibility of driving.
    Yes, that’s quite the burden.
    Hope they throw the book and the table it’s sitting on at you.

  3. sdt14jet says:

    I am very sure he is truly sorry, accidents do happen but so sad that it cost someone their life. It was not intentional even though, pulling over would’ve been a better choice. To have the death of someone on your conscience is quite a punishment in itself–not something you ever forget.
    I’m sure it haunts him every waking moment. Instead of rushes of angry people statements, a prayer for the family as well as this driver would be more beneficial.

    1. Jamie says:

      From your comment, it seems that you would indeed be devastated had you caused this accident, but not everyone thinks as you do.
      But when person speaks extemporaneously, this verse proves true: “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Most of of his expressions seemed to be about himself. His feelings, his being forgiven…. He wished “it hadn’t happened” but defended his driving.
      My sympathy is with the victim who must have been frightened, who must have suffered, and those who miss her.
      BTW: What “rushes of angry people”? Two comments that don’t commiserate with a man who caused a woman’s death? No name-calling; just no sympathy.

  4. Jaime Tavenner says:

    This accident is just sad all around, everyway you look at it. Yes the best choice for Dyal was to pull over to a safe haven to get his coffee. The death of Mrs. Beagley is a tragic loss. Unfortunately i see this happen all the time. Most with people driving distracted with phones. I do believe Mr. Dyal is truely sorry and will live with this tragedy. I also believe he is defending what the news was SPECULATING may have have happened, not just his own feelings. Distracted driving is the the thing that really needs to be the focus. Truely very sorry for the loss of a wonderful person, but instead of the anger being thrown at Mr. Dyal solely, the focus should be on Distracted Driving as a whole. I drive a tractor trailer and if drivers spent just half of one day in this copacity they would completely see how devastating distracted driving is

  5. Theresa Howard says:

    This man has used this same excuse before, “I was reaching down for my coffee”.
    He KILLED a good woman.
    Bonnie was a wife, mother, sister, Aunt, sister-in-law, niece, cousin and a friend.
    Stephen Dyal needs to be locked up for vehicular homicide.
    May he never get in the drivers seat again! EVER!

  6. Msdebra says:

    I actually just recently met this man. We met on a train and the first thing he told me was about this accident and how horribly he felt. That it was a hard thing, to think of the poor lady and her family every day, to live with the fact he did this…. He didn’t defend himself at all, just said what happened. he reached for his coffee that was sliding off and dropping to the floor… not simply to get a drink, but to catch the cup that was falling. (an instant normal reaction) and obviously has a lot of remorse to tell a complete stranger this first about himself, before sharing anything else. He is a very nice man and is very social and got along with everyone.

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