Springfield Mayor Prepares for Speech

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Mayor Christine Lundberg will be presenting her state of the city address Wednesday night.

The mayor says this past year was a huge transitional year for the City of Springfield, and this moment is the opportunity to talk about that progress and the people who helped make it all possible.

The mayor says the city can be proud of a number of things from this past year, including the growing number of businesses downtown that are truly changing the face and feel of the area. For example a new brew-pub called Plank Town, that’s currently under construction.

She says she’s also proud the justice center levy passed, revealing the growing trust of the community’s faith in their city’s work.

Despite all that, she says this is only the beginning.

“It’s to take a fresh look at, “Wow, we’ve accomplished a whole bunch.” Now what would we like to do and to expand on some of the projects we have going and also to start some new things,” Lundberg said.

The mayor also made sure to recognize and even award some of the many citizens and groups who helped make all these previous goals a reality.

Mayor Lundberg says this is also an especially significant year for her. It’s the start of a full four-year term.

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