Springfield Meat Company Cited

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield meat company is facing a fine from the state, after an employee’s hand was pulled into a meat tenderizing machine.

Oregon’s Occupational Safety and Health Division says the accident happened in August at Bright Oaks Meats, Inc.

Investigators say a female worker was feeding meat into the machine when her gloved right hand was pulled into the blades. Two of her fingers were fractured, and she received cuts.

“The machine had no guard on it, and also they did not report this to us, which is required. If you have an overnight hospitalization, you need to report an accident to Oregon OSHA within 24 hours,” said Melanie Mesaros, Oregon OSHA spokeswoman.

The owner of Bright Oaks meats says the machine had a poorly designed safety guard and had been replaced several times. Darla Harris says the worker is returning to work.

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