Springfield Mom Pushes for Video Law

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SALEM, Ore. — A Springfield mother whose 10-year-old daughter was allegedly videotaped by a neighbor for more than a year is seeking help from lawmakers to make the crime a felony.

Dana Bishop is charged with numerous misdemeanors for taping the girl.

Chrystal Stutesman, the victim’s mother, contacted lawmakers and already Senator Tim Knopp agreed to meet with her in Salem Wednesday. Oregon doesn’t have a video voyeurism law and she’s looking to change that.

“If we can punish them now maybe we can save kids before a worse crimes committed on them,” Stutesman said.

Senator Knopp agrees something needs to be done and told Stutesman that she would work with lawmakers from our area to see if they could come up with a bill that would make this a felony. He sees some pushback when it comes to regulating cameras around the outside of homes, and Stutesman suggested they specify the bill mention that videotaping would be against the law if it was for a deviant sexual purpose.

Last week a judge decided to keep Dana Bishop behind bars after a troubling letter written by Bishop surfaced which mentioned the girl.

“My immediate reaction is that how do we stop it. And as someone who was elected to serve people and legislate solutions to these types of problems, I immediately wanted to help out,” said Senator Knopp (R-Bend).

“I expected years before anyone would listen to me, so it’s really exciting and makes this situation feel so much better to know that people care what you are going through and that they are willing to work on it,” Stutesman said.

Stutesman brought her daughter along with her to the capitol to show her that you can’t just roll over when something happens to you, you can take action.

Detectives say so far the forensic investigation hasn’t turned up any physical evidence of bishops spying. It’s still ongoing. But if they don’t have any physical evidence, he will likely serve around year in jail if convicted.

It is getting late in the process to introduce a bill. That’s why the senator said the first option would be to see if there is a bill that exists in the process now that might be moving through the process that this could be attached to.


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  1. Postone says:

    I’m just wondering why mom hadn’t told her daughter she should close the curtains of blinds when undressing or the like? That would have solved the entire thing. The fact that this guy is videoing this little girl doesn’t necessarily make the act itself a crime in my humble opinion. Mom needs to be doing her job to ensure her daughter is protected.

    Just calling the police and reporting this guy and then having the police talk to the individual about ceasing from videoing this little girl in the future would have been enough. Unless of course this guy has a prior conviction of being a pedophile and I don’t believe that is the case in this instance. But the police usually go way over board, macho tough guys who constantly have to prove it…

    This world has gone from critical thinking to reacting and calling the police no matter the severity of a given situation. And the police arrest first and talk later no matter the situation. How about using a little common sense or treating others the way you would want to be treated? How about thinking instead of reacting?

    For the police its simply amazing to me that in my fifty-five years on this planet I have “never” seen or heard the police admit when they make a mistake! I have never seen them in a press conference or otherwise say “we made a mistake (or mistakes) and we are taking measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again” Because the fact is police officers are human beings just like the rest of us yet they never make mistakes or I should say they never admit their mistakes or take responsibility for those mistakes. How about doing the right thing no matter how painful it may be and standing true the oath you took…

    1. lanestudent says:

      I can’t believe you think the victim’s mother should be responsible for preventing a neighbor from spying on her minor children. Close the blinds? Are you serious? Are you saying people should live in the dark to prevent perverts from video taping their minor children? My kids can’t remember to hang up their coats–much less remember to close the blinds in their rooms when changing, etc. I understand that we should, as adults. recognize a need for decorum, however, a 9 or 10 year old kid shouldn’t have to worry about such things. Are you suggesting I monitor when my kids change clothes 24/7 and ensure no one is looking in their window? Do you want your neighbors video taping you or your children, inside your house or outside? Don’t get me started about your rant regarding police. Sure, some are good, some are macho, and some are just plain power-trippers. Someone like you wouldn’t last a day in the shoes of these, for the most part, stellar, caring, selfless, individuals. Additionally, I have heard apologies to the public made by police many times in my 45 years on the planet–look it up, I found 2,070,000 results. You might want to practice some critical thinking of your own. If someone was videotaping my child I would want the person arrested upon the discovery of the evidence (the camera, as admitted by the perv) and taken for questioning. I am surprised they didn’t get a search warrant and confiscate his computer, among other things. You’re ignorant.

      1. Postone says:

        You are not only a moron, you are a liar too!

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