Springfield Names New Police Chief

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — There’ll be a new leader at the Springfield Police Department come December, as Tim Doney takes on the job of the police department’s new chief.

Both the City of Springfield and Doney himself say they’re excited for this next chapter for the Springfield Police Department.

Being a leader at a police department isn’t new to Doney, who’s spent the last 25 years working for the Medford Police Department.

“This department and this community literally raised me. I feel incredibly grateful for all that I’ve been provided over the years here,” Doney said.

In fact, he’s worn just about every hat in the Medford Police Department, from patrol officer to detective, all the way up to deputy police chief. But now he moves on from Medford to Springfield.

“My decision was solidified after being up there for two days. The folks were so nice, so welcoming, very enthusiastic about the community, and I just knew it was going to be a good fit,” Doney said.

The City of Springfield says it too saw Doney as a perfect fit, not only due to his experience but also his personality.

“The thing that I like the most about him is his ability to connect with the people in the police department and the people in the community. That’s very important for our new chief to bring those two things together and then take the department where the community wants it to go and also where the department would like to go,” said Gino Grimaldi, Springfield City Manager.

For Doney, becoming a part of the community and getting to know those in the Springfield Police Department is something he’s looking forward to.

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet many of the employees, as well as see them in action…It’s got an incredible reputation within the law enforcement community in the state of Oregon,” Doney said.

Doney officially starts the new job on Dec. 18. He says he’s excited to make the move up to Springfield and take on the new role as police chief.

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