Springfield Neighbors Clean Up Graffiti

graffit newSPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Graffiti is a problem that plagues all communities, and on Tuesday Springfield citizens chose to fight back.

The community and neighbors who live along the EWEB between Pioneer Parkway and Second Street took part in a graffiti clean-up event.

Teams painted tagged fences and other structures. They also cleaned up the rights-of-ways.

Organizers say graffiti is more than an eye sore. It affects the community’s overall safety and local property values.

“One thing about it is it says we have some pride in our city and in this particular location,” said Sheri Moore, Springfield City Councilor.

“The hope is that when we put the effort in that the community is going to rally and really kind of help take care of this area and of course our hope is that once we abate the graffiti it stays abated,” said Amber Fossen, Department of Public Works.

Volunteer crews painted with three natural colors to match the wood and to help beautify the neighborhood.

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