Springfield Police Catch Serial Thief

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield Police arrested a man suspected in what might be dozens of car break-ins.

So far police have charged Garron Medicinecrow with four charges, but by the end of this investigation they plan to have plenty more.

Police tracked down Medicinecrow Thursday morning after a break-in victim called in to say he saw Medicinecrow walking down Centennial Boulevard. Wearing the victim’s jacket, that was stolen out of his car that morning.

Officers found out Medicinecrow was not only connected to that break-in, but he had property stolen in eight other break-ins. Police are confident there are even more–both break-ins and affiliated suspects.

“We think there is a focused group of individuals that are doing it, and we’re working on identifying those folks, and the proof will be in the pudding. When this stuff stops, we know we got the right people,” said Sgt. David Lewis, Springfield Police Department.

Sgt. Lewis says that group is likely responsible for the more than 20 break-ins in Eugene and Springfield last weekend–all cars with broken windows and stolen property.

Lewis says they’re all getting in with a tool–part of a spark plug fashioned to a plastic rod–just one piece of incriminating evidence Medicinecrow had in his possession when he was arrested.

Police want to encourage you to report a car break-in, no matter how minor because the more they know, the more likely it is that they catch the suspect and even return your stuff.

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