Springfield Police Release Robber Photos

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A string of robberies hit the Eugene and Springfield area in the form of bomb scares–three incidents just in the past week.

The latest incident happened over the weekend at Patti’s Deli on Olympic Street and 28th in Springfield.

Springfield police released the surveillance photos of the suspect, who police say is a white man between 40 and 50 years old.

They say he told an employee to put out money or a bomb would activate inside. He grabbed the money he demanded minutes before officers arrived. They say it’s a rare kind of threat but not recently for both Eugene and Springfield.

“My understanding is Eugene had two similar calls like this last week, so we believe he’s probably a Eugene-Springfield resident,” said Sgt. Tom Rappe of the Springfield Police Department.

Those other calls in Eugene happened on the evening of August 12 within an hour of each other–one at the Albertsons on Coburg Road and the other at Safeway on 18th. Eugene police say at the Albertsons, no device was left and there was no money left outside. At Safeway though, an undisclosed amount of cash was taken, although no device was found.

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