Springfield Rallies Against Hate Crimes

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — In light of hate crime allegations in Springfield, the community is fighting back against hate and racism by hosting a rally.

The Community Alliance of Lane County (CALC) teamed up with the Springfield Alliance for Equality and Respect and Back to Back: Allies for Human Dignity to counter possible hate activity in the city.

A group of about 50 people joined the three groups at the Springfield Public Library to take a stand and fight back against hate crimes and racism.

CALC Executive Director Kori Rodley says even after Wednesday’s event, the work is far from over.

“Unfortunately the work isn’t done. We want to think the Civil Rights Act and everything like that is over, but it’s not. The work isn’t done, so we have to keep up with it, and we have to–as a community–pay attention,” Rodley said.

Immediately after the rally, supporters walked the neighborhoods of Springfield passing out leaflets and sharing anti-hate and anti-racism information.

The groups will host another rally Saturday, June 9 at noon at the Eugene Public Library.

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