Springfield Reacts to Failing Bond

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Bond measure 20-219 likely didn’t fail by a wide margin, just about 500 votes.

Now it’s back to the drawing board for the Springfield School District.

District leaders say it’s time to figure out the next steps for the district as it is still left with a school that won’t be functional for much longer.

District leaders say the bond would’ve helped replace Hamlin Middle School, a school built in the 1950s that has a number of structural issues.

Those issues includes a poor roofing system, which holds water because of its inverted shape.

And an electrical system that is tough to find replacement parts for because the building is so old.

District leaders say they have some work to do.

“Hamlin Middle School was in consideration in 2006 for a bond, we did not put it on the bond at that time and we said we’d come back right away here we are in 2013 to make that happen and you can bet that we’ll be back again soon,” said Nancy Bigley, Springfield Public Schools Board member.

“We need to go back and look more carefully at the bond package and go and ask our community what about that was not acceptable,” said Devon Ashbridge, Springfield Public Schools communications specialist.

District leaders say they know the voters care about the kids in the community and they’re going to listen to them to work together to get Hamlin Middle School rebuilt.

In talking with them Tuesday night, district leaders say they’re disappointed with the outcome.

They’ll be working during the next several months to figure out the next steps for Hamlin Middle School and the other schools in the district.

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