Springfield Redesigning City Hall Plaza

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Changes may be on the way to Springfield’s City Hall plaza for the first time since the early ’80s.

City leaders say the main entryway into City Hall is outdated. From cracks in the pavement to bland walls, the city says it doesn’t really capture the interest of people, so they’re making plans to redesign it.

The city’s facilities maintenance manager says the city’s been trying to encourage more people to come downtown, and the plaza has become a hub for people to hang around.

He says a renovation is needed to make the plaza a focal point of City Hall.

“The age and condition of both the surfaces and the landscaping out there, the trees that have been planted on the plaza for a number of years are declining, branches are falling,” said Facilities Maintenance Manager Jim Polston. “It’s beginning to look unsightly and potentially is unsafe and we just want to correct that; make it more beautiful.”

Money for the project would come from grants and funds the city has set aside for such renewals.

Final plans will be presented to the City Council early next year, and if approved, construction will begin in the summer and be done by the winter of 2014.

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