Springfield School Reopens Gym

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Starting this week, Two Rivers-Dos Rios Elementary school students get to play in the school’s brand new gym.

A second-grade class got to break the gym in Wednesday during P.E.

Last year, a support beam in the roof of the gymnasium snapped. It happened while crews were renovating the school, so no students were in danger, but it meant the gym wasn’t safe for classes.

During the construction, the school had to get creative when deciding where to hold P.E.

“We’ve made use of every nook and cranny on nice days when it’s dry they’ve been out on the grass, when it’s raining we’ve had some kids in the commons, but it really isn’t big enough to support a whole class,” said Sheri Furtwangler, Two Rivers-Dos Rios Principal.

On Thursday, the school will hold a celebration to show the community what the new gym looks like.

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