Springfield Shooting Victim Speaks Out

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Two teens are recovering after being shot Sunday when a noise complaint escalated into an alcohol-fueled fight.

One of the young victims says a fight broke out on 6th and V Street after the man in this home walked across the street to ask the neighbors to keep their party down. That’s when things escalated. He fired three shots, hitting two juveniles.

Witnesses say two teen boys started punching the man in the head after the complaint.

The first shot he fired hit Willamette High School student April Hamilton in the leg. She was trying to break up the fight.

Springfield police say alcohol was involved in the incident.

The man does not face any charges and is currently sitting at home.

While Hamilton says she can forgive her neighbor. Her father feels differently.

“I’m very irate that he’s not in jail right now, we’re living across the street from someone who shot two kids,” William Hamilton said.

“I think I can forgive him, because I know he wasn’t trying to shoot me, those people shouldn’t have been violent,” April Hamilton said.

Most of the neighbors–even April’s father–say the man was always friendly and has lived here peacefully for about 20 years.

The case has been handed over to the D.A. They will make the decision on whether or not the man will face charges. As for the victim and her family, they say they will be pressing charges.

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