Springfield SierraPine Plant to Close

SierraPine PlantSPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Officials at a particleboard plant in Springfield have announced that the plant will close down.

Jeff Johnson, President of SierraPine, says the announcement was made earlier last week to staff.

The plant, located at  800 48th St., produces particle board and composite panels that are used in office furniture and cabinets.

According to Johnson, the closure will happen in two stages. First, production will cease. Shipping will continue until all products are gone, and then there will be a complete closure.

This is tentatively set to happen in the first quarter of this year. No exact date for the closure has been given.

About 85-90 employees work there.

Restaurants along Main Street say that’s a lot of people and this has them concerned about their businesses.

“We’re real close to them, and obviously we survive by the people that come in here to eat. A lot of the businesses have lunch breaks and they come in here to eat, and that’s how we pay our bills. If they close down, it’s really going to affect our business,” said Jeri King, Manager of Carriage House Restaurant.

King says lunch time is generally the busiest for them.

SierraPine was recently acquired by Flakeboard Company, Ltd.

Johnson says the plant in Medford will stay open.

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  1. Cinda Corum says:

    I have watched this town and Eugene. Slowly close so many business doors. One by One.

    I am not seeing new business coming in. I would have to say the Mayor certainly isn’t concerned due to the fact she has job.

    Well Time Will tell

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