Springfield Students Create eBooks

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Reading, writing, and arithmetic–it’s what you expect second graders to learn.

But at one Springfield elementary school, students are doing more than writing.

Some second graders at Page Elementary have accomplished something most adults haven’t. They’re authors of eBooks.

Sixty second graders can proudly say they’ve written, illustrated and self published an eBook thanks to their teacher Patti Webster. It was her idea. She wanted a way to inspire her students to write.

“That’s the hard part. They have really good ideas, but getting them on paper is difficult,” Webster said.

How can you make writing fun? What about publishing eBooks on iPads?

“We wrote a grant, and we got $3,000 from the Springfield Education Foundation, and we were able to buy seven iPads and seven covers,” Webster said.

In January they started the writing process. Working from a template, they students created characters and a storyline. Then they added pictures.

From there, students could recreate illustrations on the iPad or take photographs of their original art and download them. The final step was adding audio. Students share the seven iPads.

Ms. Webster say about two-thirds of her students have published their eBooks. But some, like Evan, have written more than one. His latest release: The Big Race.

“It’s about a race car driver that’s going to be in a race and he thinks he can win,” Evan said.

While Evan says he would like to be a fighter pilot when he grows up, he’s learning he’s got a knack for writing. His favorite part is using the technology.

Ms. Webster’s ideas appears to be paying off. These second graders are writing and enjoying it.

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  1. Tami Fitzpatrick says:

    There are not enough teachers like Patti! It’s not enough just to teach, you have to inspire. Excellent job, Ms. Webster! Your students will remember you, and becoming an author in second grade, for the rest of their lives. Well done!

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