Springfield Welcomes Food Carts

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Food carts will be the latest development in downtown Springfield, in an effort to create a more enticing environment.

City councilors approved two amendments Monday to allow food carts downtown.

While mobile food supporters like the city council have high hopes for the changes, some established merchants weren’t so happy. Some merchants say they weren’t given the chance or enough time to voice their opinions and have them really considered by council.

“My partner Jeff Spoke, addressed the city council, and asked them to hold the vote until businesses could have a conversation, find out more and work out the kinks ahead of time,” said Marilou Heriot, The Washburne Café Owner.

The city admits it will be a work in progress, but they say they believe it will be eventually be very beneficial to the community.

Carts could be seen as early as this fall.

There will be two ways people can apply. For vending on public property contact the Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation, here. For a commercial property, vendors will have to contact the city.

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